Trillionaire is a sophisticated online slot game, themed to pure wealth, luxury and glamour. It has a very classy gold and black color scheme and sports five glamorous supermodels on the reels like Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham. It definitely does an excellent job of injecting a touch of glamour and decadence into online slot games. What’s more, this version of the game also has its own virtual bank, which you can access from the main menu if you want to transfer money from your real bank account. This feature alone might make this version of the game worth a download.

The way in which the game works is pretty clear – at the start of the play mode, a slot machine will randomly choose a number from one to ten and spin it. When it spins, it will display the amount that was spun, the symbol that it contains and the duration that it takes for the ball to come back out. A winning amount is displayed, along with the name of the player that was the lucky winner. You have to time your clicks carefully so that you don’t click on the same symbol or the same number twice.

Another interesting twist on this classic game is that you don’t only get to win a single spin but you also get to increase the number of coins per spin by earning stars after every spin. Stars can be used to purchase the different clothes that the models wear in the game. These clothes do not necessarily have high fashion values but they certainly look good on the virtual screen, which is why Trillionaire has become very popular amongst online slot players.

To win the game, one must select a symbol that is randomly picked. A winning combination will then be randomly selected from the symbols that were initially picked. The winning pattern for each round gets eliminated after a while and a new pattern will be chosen from the symbols that are random. Thus, a winning combination will then be generated and a player will need to guess which number or symbol it is that will result in that particular win.

As an added bonus for playing this game, a new outfit for the virtual woman will be given away. It comes with a glamour model and she wears white lace and a very revealing mini dress. There are also other glamour girls available as bonuses and you can try out different combinations for a chance to win one of them. In order to unlock more advanced versions of this game, you can buy additional tickets. One ticket can give you a million dollar prize and you can use it on one of the special modes in the game.

Each week, a new set of images for this game will be released. Some of these images feature even more high-end models and glamour girls. To get the top prize, all you need to do is to enter the top ten most popular choices for a week. These include hot lingerie models, fashion icons, movie actors, pop stars, politicians, and more. These symbols can add a certain glamour and appeal to your playing experience and this is why so many people have become hooked to playing the Trillionaire slot machine game and have won millions!

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