Golden stallion


Golden Stallion is an arcade video slot created by Microgaming. It is an unusual online slot and the main theme is all about horses. The setup is at the dry river bed. The natural setting looks very soothing and welcoming. The background music is all about horses and it makes you feel like you are in a huge race.

Unlike the majority of slots games, Golden Stallion has a unique Pay-to-Play mode. It allows players to use the map software provided by the site to trigger graphics and sounds. In this way, you can play the game more freely. Apart from the Pay-to-Play feature, the site also offers a “Replay” function which lets you watch a film repeating once before you have to click on the reels and play.

Compared to its main competitors, Golden Stallion has a very interesting theme. When you start the game, you are initially faced with an “unusual” video which explains briefly the game mechanics. You can clearly see that the goal of the game is to buy and place your coins on the four face-up slot machines in order to spin the wheel and win big amount of money. Once you finish buying coins on any of the four wild slot machines, you will hear four wild music notes and then your game will be triggered.

Golden Stallion follows a classic slot game formula where you need to choose a number of wild symbols among the four wild slots to spin the wheel and win big money. Naturally, the more symbols you choose, the more you will stand a chance to win big. For example, when you spin the wheel and come up with the number five, there will be three symbols to choose from. The player has to choose the right symbol and put his or her coins on the corresponding jackpot slot. If you hit on the jackpot slot, you will win the jackpot prize – and if not, then you will have to try again until you win.

Compared to its main competitor, Video Slot King, the graphics and video slot mechanics of Golden Stallion is way better. This is the main reason why it takes a player more than ten times as long to match up with its video slot rival. Although it is true that Video Slot Machines is more popular than Golden Stallion, the latter is still considered as a top casino game because of its unique mechanics and game play. This is the main reason why many people choose to play video slot games at arcades instead of casinos.

If you are wondering how the mechanics of Golden Stallion differ from Video Slot Machines, here are the main differences you need to know: When you play Video Slot Machines, you are required to enter specific symbols or words in certain sequences. If you are lucky, then you might get one hit. However, there is always a 100% chance that you will get no hits at all unless you use three scatters. With Golden Stallion, you can multiply your wins through the use of three scatters without expending a single point. Also, you can double or triple your wins simply by choosing the right symbols and putting your coins on the corresponding jackpot slot. These two features make Video Slot Machines the better choice when it comes to maximizing your winnings while playing free online slot games.

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