When it comes to online casino slot games, there is no mistaking the popularity of Aureus. In fact, Aureus is often described as a “toy slot machine” because of its cute appearance, which often inspires players to think it is not meant for real gaming. However, there is no doubt that Aureus is one of the most fun slot machines to play, and for this reason, many players continue to play on this slot machine time after time.

AUREUS – Bonus Features When it comes to the bonus features of this slot game, there are quite a few. First, you have the “Reaper” bonus feature, which allows the reaper icon to change in case you land on a winning jackpot. The bonus reaper symbol is small, but it’s there. Secondly, there is the ” multiplier ” feature, which lets you multiply your winnings with every single spin of the Aureus wheel. And the third bonus feature is the “special coin draw” feature. All of these bonus features make Aureus a favorite among slot gamers, who can enjoy the benefits of earning a lot of money while playing a slot game.

WINTER OF THE YEAR When it comes to the design of this slot machine, it doesn’t disappoint. It has a winter landscape, with a number of realistic trees and branches and so on. When you place your line, you’ll notice that the snowflakes that fall on your screen are very realistic. And if you want to win, the Winter Bonus feature will let you know – you can win a jackpot right before Christmas! There are other slot games that have similar themes, but nothing tops the original, Aureus – a classic slot machine that’s always going to leave everyone smiling.

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