10001 nights

10001 nights is a unique online slot machine that offers a unique casino gaming experience. In fact, it is one of the few slots online that does not use a mechanical reels. 10001 nights utilizes a unique electronic system that allows players to play the slot games by pushing a button on their slot machines. When the button is pushed, a magnetized ring appears on the screen and players have to line up and push their luck to see if they will hit the next payline.

The reels, which include four distinct metal playing rings, are arranged in an “L” configuration. Each ring has its own code imprinted on the inside surface of the reel. This enables players to quickly find out which reels have the special codes and which ones do not in the hopes of hitting more paylines in each game of this unique online slot game. As you may imagine, this adds quite a bit of fun to the game and allows players to increase their winnings substantially.

One of the best features of the 10001 nights slot machine is its unique “bonus” feature that is used in conjunction with the bonus feature. Players are allowed to activate the bonus feature at any time by selecting the specific number of bonus spins (set by the casino). Once the bonus spins have been activated and the game has started, the bonus activates and adds spins with every pull of the trigger. Players who have already maxed out their winnings in the primary slot game will find that the bonus provides them with an excellent way to maximize their winnings at 10001 nights.

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