Casino Giants: Richest Casino Players in Casino History

Casino Giants Richest Casino Players in the World

Many of the wealthiest casino players that we now know in the industry today did not relatively start successfully. They also had their share of losing streaks and a series of failures. However, these people did not give up on aiming for success in the industry until they reached a point of earning fortunes. These people serve as great inspirations to many Casino Giants and enthusiasts worldwide.

Thousands of casino fans consider minimum casino and gambling win as already great successes. Many times, even small amounts of jackpots are already enough to thrill us over and make us desire for more. However, many other fortunate ones had their lady lucks smiling for years, matching their hard-earned skills to make them some of the richest casino players we now know. We have enumerated some of our known casino giants.

1. Bill Benter

Before entering the casino world, Bill Benter was a maths professor who suffered bullying in his early years because of being different. He became known to many casinos because of card counting in the Blackjack tables. This technique helped him gain a prominent name in the industry, but many casinos blocked him sooner. Being resilient that he is, Bill Benter entered the horse racing field, developing software that predicts game outcomes. His software earned nearly a billion in records while he has a worth of 100 million dollars annually. Bill Benter is now a renowned gambler and philanthropist.

2. Edward Thorp

Just like Bill Benter, Edward Thorp was also a mathematics professor before he entered the casino world. Using his above-average intellect, Edward Thorp systematically studied Blackjack, looking into its parts and guidelines. This study then led him to discover the original card counting system, making him dubbed as the “Father or Card Counting.” Using this same work, he also authored a book entitled “Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One” that also gained massive support worldwide.

3. ” Casino Giants” Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey must be the most famous casino player in this generation. He is most well known for making his way to the Poker Hall of Fame. Although his name rings a few casinos versus player controversies, his skills on Poker is undoubted.

He championed the World Poker Tour and is one of the youngest known successful poker players in history, dubbed as Tiger Woods of the Poker world. Experts estimate his net worth to be at 100 million dollars.

Players don’t usually achieve casino success overnight. To be a prominent name in the industry means establishing excellent skills and talent in your chosen game. Many successful ones took years of commitment and dedication to their crafts. The giants we have listed above are testimonies that you can also work hard to become one of the future’s richest casino players.

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